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Book Report: Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates

images-books-2Book Report: Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates


JD’s Writers Blog- Books & Leisure

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On THE BOOK REPORT: Dead Comic Standing by Karen Vaughan

With a chance at success quelling their fears, a slew of new comics are eager to have aDead Comic Standing chance, even with a psychotic serial killer out to get them all, to step on stage following each seasoned comic murder in Karen Vaughan’s, Dead Comic Standing. It’s a humorous whodunit full of hilarious comedy relief by many of the future victims in this tightly written book. You get the benefit of a cozy mystery, a sizzling romance and laughs all in one that keeps you reading until the end. I so enjoyed this book! 5 stars.
Karen Vaughan’s site: https://karenwritesmurder.com/


Book review of The Brownstone On West 53Rd Street, Rehearsal Club Memoir: In A Nut Shell!

Book review of The Brownstone On West 53Rd Street, Rehearsal Club Memoir: In A Nut Shell!

In A Nut Shell!
The Brownstone On West 53RdStreet, Rehearsal Club Memoir by Lora Mitchell

Lora Mitchell’s well-written memoir, The Brownstone On West 53Rd Street, Rehearsal Club Memoir, is an eye opener into the show business world in which she worked. The book is heart-warming even through the sometimes emotional distress and you see clearly through Lora’s eyes how life just moves you forward no matter what happens. We all heard about the hardships and demands on women models and actresses and I never acquainted it to my own teen years, but this book puts you right there and you see that there are comparisons that all young women share.

 For me, I was taken back to a time in my life, that at the time, I never knew I would miss. NOT that I had an exciting life, far from it, especially with Lora’s opportunity to work with the famous in her industry. But there were similarities in the innocence of youth, the friendships that were formed with women, men and teachers, the hard work and studying, and going full steam ahead while not knowing what to expect–and enjoying life. While many people around me only dreamed of having such a life it was a world we all knew about among my friends and family just living 13 miles away, over the George Washington Bridge in Paterson, New Jersey.
 I sincerely enjoyed this book like none other I have ever read!
That’s  The Brownstone On West 53Rd Street, Rehearsal Club Memoir, in a Nut Shell!          ~JD

My Interview with Lora Mitchell: http://jdswritersblog.blogspot.com/2016/04/a-talk-with-professional-actress-singer.html

Lone Wolf by Dellani Oakes: In A Nut Shell!

Dellani s photo  Lone Wolf by Dellani Oakes: In A Nut Shell!


Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00020]Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000035_00022]lone wolf coverhttp://jdswritersblog.blogspot.com/2015/04/love-wolf-by-dellani-oakes-in-nut-shell.html

JD Holiday: JD’s Writers Blog: Review of AFTER, a teen novel by Barbara Ehrentreu, In A Nut Shell!

JD Holiday: JD’s Writers Blog: Review of AFTER, a teen novel by Barbara Ehrentreu, In A Nut Shell!.

Review of AFTER, a teen novel by Barbara Ehrentreu, In A Nut Shell!

    Review of AFTER, a teen novel by Barbara Ehrentreu, IN A NUT SHELL.  
Sometimes the people close to you are just there and it takes a major event in your life for you to see them in a new light. A crisis can change a lot of things in your life. For fifteen-year-old Lauren, her life under goes such an event ‘after’ the phone call telling her her father is ill.
Lauren struggles with her father serious condition and that crisis leads Lauren to realize her deep feelings for her best friend from childhood, Joey. All Lauren wants is for Joey to comfort her and her sadness slips away when Joey’s with her. Only Joey has a girlfriend who is mean and resents Lauren and her problem.
‘After,’is a believable account of the hardships and headaches of having a sick parent and a real emotion of blooming love from a true friend that grows through the sympathy of these events. You feel Lauren’s fear that Joey is not feeling the same. That unsurechaotic and warm all over of young love. From school to the hospital setting and that first hint of young love unspoken between lovers, you are there, a part of their experience.
The story moves and pacing is good. I applaud Ms. Ehrentreu’s achievement of capturing these feelings and events in the young life of a teenage girl. She gets it right how teens feel love; the uncertainty of how the other person feels about you in return and your fears that you are reading more into it than there is. 5 stars! 
Find out more about Barbara Ehrentreu at: http://barbaraehrentreu.blogspot.com/
 ~  That’s AFTER by Barbara Ehrentreu, In A Nut Shell! ~ JD

It’s Story Time with JD Holiday 12-7-13 12/07 by Book Garden Radio | Books Podcasts

It’s Story Time with JD Holiday 12-7-13 12/07 by Book Garden Radio | Books Podcasts.

It’s Story Time, 12-7-13: Jordan the Jellyfish by Cindy Freland & Wee Three by Marta Moran Bishop~

Join author and illustrator, JD Holiday on Saturday, 12-7-13 at 10AM est OR Listen on Demand!~ Jordan the Jellyfish by Cindy Freland &  Wee Three by Marta Moran Bishop & Book Picks with Agy Wilson.

 Jordan the jellyfish: a Chesapeake Bay Adventure by Cindy Freland~

Jordan is lost and needs to find her way home from Sandy Point State Park to Mayo Beach, Maryland. She encounters danger and fun with her friends in and above the Chesapeake Bay. Her friends include Arthur the Anchovy, Curtis the Crab and Olivia the Osprey and they help protect Jordan and help her find her way home. 
Jordan the jellyfish: a Chesapeake Bay Adventurewill be available on Amazon SOON!
Cindy Freland’s site: www.marylandsecretarial.com

 Wee Three: 

A Mother’s Love in Verse by Marta Moran Bishop      
~A book of short stories written in
verse from a child’s perspective that can be read and enjoyed by young and old alike.

Buy at: 
Marta Moran Bishop’s site:www.martamoranbishop.com

ALSO, BOOK PICKS with Agy Wilson: Hannukah Bear by Eric A. Kimmelwww.amazon.com/Hanukkah-Bear-Eric-A-Kimmel/dp/0823428559
Agy Wilson’s site:www.agywilson.com/

Show page at Blog Talk Radio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bgr/2013/12/07/its-story-time-with-jd-holiday-12-7-13