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Dangers of The Wilderness, New York, 1755: Character Quotes 2

Dangers of The Wilderness, New York, 1755: Character Quotes 2 https://cerealauthors.wordpress.com/2016/07/04/dangers-of-the-wilderness-new-york-1755-character-quotes-2/3ee8a-dangers2bin2bthe2bwilderness2bsigned2bfor2bonline2b1202bdpi


JD’s Writers Blog: From SCBWI Newsletter: SCBWI Tackles Book Launches for its Members

Children’s authors! GOOD NEWS~ From SCBWI Newsletter: SCBWI Tackles Book Launches for its Members

Source: JD’s Writers Blog: From SCBWI Newsletter: SCBWI Tackles Book Launches for its Members



Review by Fran Lewis



JD Holiday: JD’s Writers Blog: My latest book! Stories And Imaginings For The Reading Spot

JD Holiday: JD’s Writers Blog: My latest book! Stories And Imaginings For The Reading Spot.


My Book is here! Stories And Imaginings For The Reading Spot, a collection of short stories for adults.


Book Garden Publishing And Author & Illustrator, J.D. Holiday Announces The Release Of The Short Story Collection for adults, Stories And Imaginings For The Reading Spot
Delaware Valley, PA, May 14, 2015 – Author & Illustrator, J.D. Holiday has announced the release of an eclectic collections of short stories in ‘Stories And Imaginings For The Reading Spot.’
J.D. Holiday easily crosses genres with this collection of twelve literary short  stories for adults covering a wide array of imaginative fictional compositions from drama, romance, humor and more.
Ms. Holiday says,“I believe readers will be entertained and amused as they move from Anne and Romanoff’s naughty pack, Stephanie finds trouble with a wounded cat and a remorseful landscaper; and the beach cottage that brings Cheney’s nightmares of the Sci Fi warrior into focus in Stories And Imaginings For The Reading Spot.” Each story is accompanied by a striking black and white illustrations by the author.
Author Barbara Ehrentreu said,A collection of short stories that will tear at your heart! The author captures the dialogue of each different situation creating a special bond between you and the characters. It’s almost like talking over the back fence about people you know or hearing about it from a friend. In this collection, JD Holiday has put together a series of stories that will keep you reading until the end.”~ barbaraehrentreu.blogspot.com/
About Author And Illustrator, J.D. Holiday
J.D. Holiday is also the author and illustrator for three children’s books:
Janoose the Goose, The Great Snowball Escapade & The Spy Game. She is a member of The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and host of the children’s reading radio shows, It’s Story Time and Halo Kids Tales.
Stories And Imaginings For The Reading Spot is available in hardback and ebook on Amazon and B&N and ordered in bookstores.
Print: ISBN#978-0-9818614-6-3 Digital: ISBN# 978-0-9818614-7-0
For more on JD and her books visit: http://jdholiday.blogspot.com
Book Garden Publishing

From the short story: The Boy In The Leaves by J.D. Holiday

From the short story: The Boy In The Leaves by J.D. Holiday.

The Boy In The Leaves

from Short Stories and Other Imaginings for The Reading Spot

by J.D. Holiday

All Rights Reserved

Copyright 2014 by J.D. Holiday

The Boy  In The Leaves B&W FINISHEDFinal 3-25-13  JDHOLIDAY

small boy laid theremotionless. Unlike the leaves around him he lay undisturbed by the wind gust.

Max stepped away. It was just a little kid. He looked asleep, his dark skinwas a shade of blue and purple, almost translucent. Thin parchment spanning a fragile frame.

The boy wore black jeans and an orange T-shirt with a Save The Oceans’ logo across his chest. A crusted gash was on his forehead. Any time now hed move, open his eyes and jump up, laughing.

Hes dead,” Tony said again, this time contemptuously, his eyes wells of tears.

Maxs chest felt crushed like the time hed fallen on his back from the school yardjungle gym and he couldn’t pull air in. He managed to say, Maybe hes not.

Tony shook his head. The little piss head. Dumshit! He didnt do whathe should have and now hes dead. Stupid kid!

Max stared at the kid. For a moment he sawTonylying in the boys place.Max choked. Hes sick or something. He hedged closer and squatted down, hesitantly touching the boys face. The skin was unusually cold, and the cheek dented in easily, like clay. Max jumped back falling on his backside.

Hes dead. Cant you see that cut on his head? They smashed him with something.Hard!” Richie loudly told him, his hands clutched at his side.

No. Maybe it was an accident. Or a car hit him.

Grow up, Max. It happens,”Tony said softly nowgrabbing Maxsleeveand jerking him to his feet. We have to tell.”

On his feet again, Max let Tony continue pulling him toward his own house. At the front door Tony using his key, lead Max inside.

They softly moved through the silent house to the kitchen in back, bright light from the many windows illuminating their wayNothing was ever out of place there. Alwaysa bleachy smell in the air as if someone wiped off everything to disinfect and kill all the germs before they contaminated the inhabitants of the house. This house gave Max the creeps. There was something missing from it. What it was Max knew well, though things have changed since his stepfather now sucks it all up in their family. There was no love and what was there, felt like old toast taste; brittle, crackly and harsh. Most times Max could get Tony to come over to his house and hang out.When Max was here thoughat Tony‘s, he felt it. Something always spooked him, only worse this time. Finding the boy did it, never having seen someone dead before.

He could almost see Tony getting beaten up hereMarus broke Tony‘s leg with thebaseball bat Tony usually kept leaning inside the garage doorTony said he was batted to short stop, the patio doors calling him out. His parents told people he’d fallen from a backyard tree. Afterwards, Tony put the bat through the lattice work decorating the front porch, out of sight under the stairs so Maris couldn’t use it again.

Copyright by J.D. Holiday 2014

For Black History month Duke Day For Annie by Agy Wilson 02/11 by Book Garden Radio | Books Podcasts

For Black History month Duke Day For Annie by Agy Wilson 02/11 by Book Garden Radio | Books Podcasts.

On 2-11-14, 1PM Est OR Listen on Demand:  For Black History month on It’s Story Time

Duke Day For Annie by Agy Wilson PLUS The Great Snowball Escapade by J.D. Holiday

Young Annie prepares for a famous guest. We see the 
summertime temptations as she whisks through her day’s                                                                           preparations with flair and fun. Based on true events, Duke Day                                                                                         for Annie is set in Old Orchard Beach, 

Maine circa 1937, as Ann Cummings Searcy readies for her friend Duke Ellington. Large Print.

Buy at:www.amazon.com/Duke-Day-Annie-Agy-Wilson-ebook/dp/B00IBGMN0K/
Agy Wilson’s site: www.agywilson.com/

The Great      Snowball Escapade 
JD Holiday                              
~Wilhemena Brooks’ cousin, Bud Dunphry come to live with her family. Bud doesn’t like anybody especially girls!

Her mother told her to be nice to Bud and to treat him like she would like to be treated.
If Wil treats Bud nicely does that change anything for her?


JD’s site: bookgardennook.blogspot.com/
Show link at Blog Talk Radio:


It’s Story Time with JD Holiday 10-5-13 10/05 by Book Garden Radio | Books Podcasts

It’s Story Time with JD Holiday 10-5-13 10/05 by Book Garden Radio | Books Podcasts.

Join author and illustrator, JD Holiday on Saturday, 10-5-13 at 10AM est,  9AM cst, 8AM mst & 7AM pst, OR Listen on Demand for 2 stories: The Little Pink Balloon by Lee Haydn Straight and read by Author JAN BRITLAND & Eating 5 Colors With Foodie the Dwarf by Liora Houbara The Little Pink Balloon by Lee Haydn Straight When Little Pink comes loose and floats away from her family and the fairground where she lives, she ends up stuck in a cloud. When she thinks that she will never get back, three new friends come to her rescue and work together to take her home.

Buy: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00B1WRETG/

Lee Haydn Straight’s site:  leehaydnstraight.wix.com/leehaydnstraight

& Eating 5 Colors With Foodie the Dwarf by Liora Houbara ~Adam didn’t like to eat fruits and vegetable. Until one morning the unexpected happened to him nadAdam got a special visitor  by Foodie the good food Dwarf.  Foodie teaches Adam to eat variety of vegetables & fruits in a fun and easy way. Would you also like to help your child to eat vegetables and fruits with pleasure and delight? Buy: http://www.amazon.com/children-books-healthy-collection-ebook/dp/B00DGRAHW0

Liora Houbara’s site: http://en.kitchencoaching-liorahoubara.com/about-liora/Jan Britland is the author of the The Adventures of Rodger Dodger Dog series. Her site: http://www.rodgerdodgerdog.com/Show’s site: itsstorytimeforkids.blogspot.com

Show’s link at Blog Talk Radio: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/bgr/2013/10/05/its-story-time-with-jd-holiday-10-5-13http://itsstorytimeforkids.blogspot.com/2013/10/its-story-time-with-jd-holiday-10-5 13

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