Book Reviewer Fran Lewis Reviews, The Great Snowball Escapade

9780981861425-The Great SB COVER PICA review of my book, Book Reviewer Fran Lewis Reviews, The Great Snowball Escapade


On THE BOOK REPORT: Dead Comic Standing by Karen Vaughan

With a chance at success quelling their fears, a slew of new comics are eager to have aDead Comic Standing chance, even with a psychotic serial killer out to get them all, to step on stage following each seasoned comic murder in Karen Vaughan’s, Dead Comic Standing. It’s a humorous whodunit full of hilarious comedy relief by many of the future victims in this tightly written book. You get the benefit of a cozy mystery, a sizzling romance and laughs all in one that keeps you reading until the end. I so enjoyed this book! 5 stars.
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