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A Review of LIMITLESS – a Charity Anthology, In a Nut Shell!

LIMITLESS – Charity Anthology, In a Nut Shell!

WALNUT SHELL2_Painting_bak
In A Nut Shell!



LIMITLESS, A Charity Anthology of short stories and poems.



Limitless is a collection of stories and poems that reflects our own live and times in all it stages through a wide variety of themes and issues we all have known or have heard about.

In this book you may find stories or poems you agree with and that affirm your believes, while others might be reflective and thought provoking testing your emotions with soul searching on subjects like tolerance and if you have it yourself. In some of the stories about love I saw someone I’ve loved myself.

As a short story author and reader, I love to dive into stories from a wide range of situations and subjects as well as the other authors’ styles.

There were poems and stories that had deep meaning to me such as – Hidden Letter; To You; I Love You MOM, Now And Always; and, Dragonfiles And The Great Blue Heron. This is a 5 star read if ever I’ve read one.All profits for this book go to the Amar Foundation to help those scarred by was in the middle east.  ~JD Holiday





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