Character Quotes from Room 103 by Dellani Oakes

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room 103 front cover“Have we met? You look really familiar. I have this feeling of déjà-vu, like I knew you long ago.”

I cleared my throat, shaking back my hair. I could hardly breathe when those blue eyes focused fully on me. “I—uh—I was in school here. Seems like ages ago.”


“Yes. Go Rillas!” I giggled, sounding like a little girl. Suddenly, I’d reverted to the breathless, silly co-ed of nearly 15 years ago.

He chuckled. “I know I’ve seen you before. A face like yours… I couldn’t forget.”

My fingers fluttered to my burning cheeks. His scrutiny was too much for a woman like me. I never did well with male attention. Even though I carry a gun and badge, a handsome, confident man can still make me revert to the shrinking violet.

“I hope that’s a good thing.”

He handed me my key card with a gentle smile, his blue…

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Character Quotes from Savage Heart by Dellani

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savage heart coverSmirking, Sailfish kindly averted his eyes, still holding out his hand. “You should have checked the brush before squatting,” he told her as he lifted her to her feet.

“Sorry. We had dogs at home. Snakes weren’t often a problem, and certainly not by the latrine.”

“Next time, check.”

“Next time I’ll know to.” Meli smiled her thanks, blushing.

The blood tinging her cheeks made a dusky pink when it mixed with her café au lait complexion. It was a pretty shade, he noted in passing. Much the same, rich color as the petals of the roses outside the Governor’s home.

“I have seen naked women before, little one,” he remarked casually, trying to put her at ease.

“But no man has seen me naked,” she countered, lifting her chin defiantly.

Smiling, Sailfish nodded acceptance of that remark.

“What are you cooking?” Meli’s eyes sparkled happily at the prospect of…

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Character Quotes from Star Crossed a Romance by Dellani Oakes — Cereal Authors

“You snowed in?” Abe asked his sister. “The city’s got trucks out, but I may need you to come scrape the driveway,” Tina replied. “I can do that. Just let me know when. The kids will love to help clear. I should just give them shovels and let them dig. Run off some of that […]

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Dangers of The Wilderness, New York, 1755 by J.D. Holiday, in STORIES AND IMAGININGS FOR THE READING SPOT.

aa9da-dangers2bin2bthe2bwilderness2bsigned2bfor2bonline2b1202bdpi…we wade into the frigid water, heedless of my fear, to a fallen log that is at the river’s edge as if waiting for us. We heard a startling cry from the woods, we push off together, an unspoken bond, then floating fast away. I was looking back seeing no one in pursuit when the man said words I barely understood. “We need to get farther down river.” ~ from Dangers of The Wilderness, New York, 1755 by J.D. Holiday, in STORIES AND IMAGININGS FOR THE READING SPOT.


The Spy Game Book by JD Holiday
The Spy Game by JD Holiday

Dana picked up the black kitten. “For finding my cat, Sidney can take a kitten,” she said, holding it out to the growling dog. “Look, Sidney, it matches you!” she told him.
Eddie looked down at Sidney. Sidney did not want a kitten.
“No thanks. We have no time for pets. We’re in the spy business,” Eddie told Dana. ~ Eddie, Dana and Sidney from The Spy Game, a picture book by JD Holiday.

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