C*U*R*R*E*N*T*L*Y I’m Blog Hopping! ~ Here’s My Creative Place

As you can see I have a corner that I call my own!
This is my office area. It’s in the living room. 
Here is me setting up this blog post, a manuscript for the picture
I’m going to be doing next is on the stand to the left
THIS is what I would like to have.
Here is my daily sidekick, Dora again wondering what I am doing.
You can see she has already given up thinking about it.

Here is my chair.

I have made sure it’s not a comfortable one or I would sit there all day, 

when I’m suppose to get up and move around from time to time.

My ThreadMill.
I’ve been told I have to get on it while it’s running to benefit.
Looking out my window as I create
my stories and pictures
are not these pictures below.

BUT if they were I might have trouble creating these.

I hope you liked a look inside my work area. Thank you for stopping by!  ~JD
It’s so interesting to see where others take their refuge and inspiration! Join our Blog Hop, and hop on over to my fellow bloggers on this Blog Gop to check out their Creative Places.
 For more Currently -Summer 2016 inspiration, visit the #Gr8blogs.

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