Post-vacation Blues – A Mt. TBR Update

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Well, hi there,


I’m back from my Canadian adventures and could not wait to write up this month’s Mt. TBR update. As expected, it has grown thanks to the very many Canadian authors that I can’t currently get easily in the UK. So, when returning, I chose to swap some clothes and items that I don’t need or can easily replace for some book space in my luggage.


Job done.


And of course, it is tennis season, hence I have acquired a new tennis book.


How is everyone else doing with their Mt. TBR challenges?




And the stats….


July Mt. TBR – 59  

June Mt. TBR – 53 

May Mt. TBR – 52

April Mt. TBR – 45

March Mt. TBR – 49

February Mt. TBR – 46

January Mt. TBR – 42


Actual running total of Mt. TBR books read in 2015: 37


Books added since last update: All of these….


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