Dear Primus, why can’t I unseen any of this run?

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Deadpool Classic, Vol. 5 - Joe Cooper, James Felder, Scott McDaniel, Joe Kelly, Pete Woods




I mean, every time I think the terrible ideas have to get better, nope.   Every time I think, ‘well, at least it can’t get worse,’ it does. 


Wade Wilson feels guilt over killing an innocent women, takes her husband’s name, and goes on to continue murdering people for money.   Because, yeah, that makes the most sense ever. 


What the fuck am I reading?   At least this is making me want no Deadpool, so no gross feelings about that?   I mean, yeah, I think that’s the only positive thing I can say. 


And to everything that is holy, I pray that the next writer isn’t as bad at plots.   Or characterization.  


Please, please, please?

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