Sherlock Holmes – The Case Study

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I don’t know anyone who doesn’t know or like Sherlock Holmes. This sophisticated gentleman gained more respect and likeliness than any other know fictional detective regardless of how irritating, stubborn and sassy guy he is. Well, who doesn’t like intelligent and witty badass boys? 😉


Adam Frost and Jim Kynvin from The Guardian looked through Sherlock’s adventures and ended up with impressive number of data presented in elegant infographics. Love them! To see all click here.



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4 responses to “Sherlock Holmes – The Case Study

  1. Another thing to know is that Holmes never smoked a curly meerschaum pipe.

  2. The Speckled Band was the first Doyle I read. What a great group of inforgraphics. (Think I need to put a couple of these titles on the summer reading list. – thanks for the reminder)

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    Hands Up who knew these facts? 😀

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