Halo Kids Tales on Red River Radio with JD Holiday 11/04 by Red River Radio | Books Podcasts

Halo Kids Tales on Red River Radio with JD Holiday 11/04 by Red River Radio | Books Podcasts.

On Halo Kids Tales with JD Holiday: Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, and Bagel by Irene Dolnick  & Princess Nevaeh by Paulette Harper.  Kurt, Gert, Jazmine, and Bagel~ Brrr! Jazmine is feeling cold, hungry and lonely. When she passes a picture window and sees her two friends, Kurt and Gert, in the warm, cozy house, she also feels a bit jealous! But this little dog will soon meet a handsome black and brown beagle named Bagel, who knows what it’s like to be alone. Join Jazmine and Bagel as they form new friendships and embark on new adventures! Irene Dolnick uses Christian morales to teach not to judge people by appearances but by the quality of their understanding of the world around them or people, jealousy, valuing yourself and friendship.  www.amazon.com/Kurt-Jazmine-Bagel-Irene-Dolnick/dp/1478709669 kurtgertjazmineandbagel.blogspot.com/


 Princess Nevaeh~ Six year old Nevaeh wants to be something she already is. She will soon learn that her wish to be a princess takes a little bit more than just asking. Lessons on self-discovery are taught by her Mimi who makes her understand that being a princess takes work.www.amazon.com/Princess-Nevaeh-Paulette-Harper/dp/0989969126 pauletteharper.com/JD and show site: jdholiday.blogspot.com & halokidstales.blogspot.com/ Listen at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rrradio/2014/11/04/halo-kids-tales-on-red-river-radio-with-jd-holiday



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