Bad Fall – Part 16

Bad Fall – Part 16.

Bad FallOnce again, Ralph Penwarren has found a way to make Frank’s life a living hell. This time, he not only tried to break into his mother’s apartment, he tried to bribe employees to do it for him. When confronted by Kathy and Sue, he has to make a decision.

“Yeah, totally my fault on that one, Sue. I’m sorry. So, the problem is, Penwarren, what do I do with you? You’re a bully. You’re trying to bribe my people. You got caught breaking into your mother’s room. You came in here last night, not even been here twenty-four hours yet, and you’ve turned the entire facility on its ear. I’d be in my rights to have you arrested just on general principle.”

“My brother is the police chief,” Sue said. “And Kathy’s dad is a detective.”
Penwarren blanched. His double chin wobbled like turkey wattles. “I didn’t know.”

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