Sometime ago I met a rather entertaining chap on face book. His name is Troy Lambert.  The guy made me laugh out loud with his salty one liners as he promoted his books. REDEMPTION, TEMPTATION AND SATANARIUM.

The books intrigued me enough to download the first two. I was drawn into the tales of Samuel Elijah Johnson. I was sucked in immediately to the grittiness of the tales. This something completely different from anything I had read to date and I was loving it.

I love hosting other writers as I did for our FANTASTIC BLOG HOPS so I decided Troy would be an ideal guest for KARENWRITESMURDER.

Let’s find out what makes Troy tick.

Read the rest at: http://karenwritesmurder.com/2013/09/17/a-chat-with-troy-lambert/


2 responses to “A CHAT WITH TROY LAMBERT

  1. Impressive work JD. And, thank you for making time to read my blog. I hope you have a chance to look at In Through A Coloured Lens at Amazon.com. And please tell others.

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