The Authors’ Words: Author Gail Hedrick 08/16 by Book Garden Radio | Books Podcasts

The Authors’ Words: Author Gail Hedrick 08/16 by Book Garden Radio | Books Podcasts.


On August 16th, 1 PM Est, JD Holiday talks with Author Gail Hedrick on THE AUTHORS’ WORDS!

Author & illustrator, JD Holiday talks with Gail Hedrick, author of the middle grade and science adventures novel, Something Stinks on THE AUTHORS’ WORDS! 

Ecology lesson for kids. Emily Sanders is starting seventh grade and is about to learn a few valuable life lessons—people change and so do relationships and investigative reporting could prove dangerous. Dead fish are washing ashore on the Higdon River, and Emily decides to find out why. Mocked by fellow students and abandoned by her best friend, she investigates farms, a golf course, and local factories. Gradually she persuades friends to help her test the waters. Their investigations lead them into trouble with the

law and confrontation with the town’s most powerful citizen. Can a handful of determined seventh graders find out the true source of the stink in the Higdon River?


5-star review for Something Stinks! by the Examiner. 

Though Something Stinks! is Gail Hedrick first book, she has written articles, verses, and short stories for children for magazines like KIKI, Parent Life, Humpty Dumpty, Nick JR and Face UP, based in Dublin, Ireland.
Author Gail Hedrick’s site:

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