“Stop the Bullying” – Jeromy’s Dream

Bullies are horrible people.

The New B.P

silent killer
DEX_2557LITTLE Jeromy Rodriguez, the founder and president of the Anti-Bullying Association of Trinidad and Tobago, last Monday launched the association at the Moruga Secondary School. Rodriguez who won this year’s Flavorite National Soca Monarch competition for primary schools, used his prize money towards forming the association. Addressing the many school children that attended the launch, Rodriguez said, “I am round hereeleven years old and I have never fought one day in my life. I have never been bullied and I have never bullied someone. But, I can imagine the anguish, fear and sense of insecurity anyone that has been bullied endures.”He said, ” Together we stand up against bullying. Today the word bully has a new meaning. Today we shall make a friend and bring bullying to an end.” Rodriguez created an acronym for the word bully. “B-Be your brother’s keeper, U-Uplift and support each other, L-Love and respect one another…

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