Its Story Time: GUIDELINES for It’s Story Time and Chapter Book Review

Its Story Time: GUIDELINES for It’s Story Time and Chapter Book Review.

GUIDELINES for It’s Story Time and Chapter Book Review

 For It’s Story Time:
To read  your children’s picture book on, It’s Story Time, Saturdays at 10am est, 9AM cst, 8AM mst & 7AM pst, books need to be a storybook/picture book and be at least 8 to 12 minutes long when read aloud or if your book is shorter we will add another author’s book of the same duration on one show.   
We need:
to send a physical copy of the book. The book is needed even though you are reading the book yourself on the show to see the length of the book, scan and display 4 to 5 pictures from it, one being the cover, and have it in case we have technical problems to finish the show. (It does happen! 😀 ).OR you can send us a PDF file of your book, plus 4 to 5 JPEGS /pictures from the inside of the book, one being the cover.
We Need you to Call in the show at 10 minutes to show time: 10am est, 9AM cst, 8AM mst & 7AM pst. WE will send you an email with the phone number to call and the show’s link at 
Blog Talk Radio.

For Chapter Book Previews: 
Authors who come on can read THEIR favorite passage from their chapter books: about a ten minute reading. The show will need a copy of the book in pdf or rtf to view and the exact passage specified as well as a jpeg of the book’s cover. 
WE CAN READ YOUR BOOK FOR YOU if you like. If you live outside of the USA or would just like us to read your book for you we can do that. AUTHOR Jan Britland, of the Rodger Dodger Dog series will be reading books for authors in the show. 

It is a FREE show for everyone to listen to, and the shows are archived and can be listened to at another time listeners want to.  Our audience is 20,000 and up!

Books given the us are sent to the Children’s Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN.

Here’s the link, check It’s Story Time on The World of Ink Network out: 
It’s Story Time,on the WORLD OF INK NETWORK:

Also, if your book is going to be read on the show, PLEASE send me your book trailer or its link on YouTube so it can be added to the YouTube player! THANKS!

To contact, email us at:  itsstorytimeforkids AT gmail  DOT com


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