Amazon Has A Fake Book Problem

David Gaughran

Fake books – powered by clickfarms – are gatecrashing Amazon’s charts. And despite being aware of the issue for well over a year, Amazon has failed to resolve it.

If you look at the Kindle Store Best Seller charts right now, and click over to Free Books, you will see that the Top 20 currently has five suspicious-looking titles.

None of them have reviews. All were published in the last week. They have no Also Boughts – meaning they have had very few sales. Each of these titles are around 2,500 pages long, seem to have duplicated content, and are enrolled in Kindle Unlimited.

What is going on here?

For over fifteen months now, scammers have been raiding the Kindle Unlimited pot using a well-worn trick. They usually pilfer the content first of all – often by stealing an author’s original work and running it through a synonymizer – and…

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Character Quotes from Analysis of Love by Dellani

Cereal Authors

character-quotes-imageAmy wasn’t the woman for you,” Boyd said, staring at his friend’s image in the mirror.

Why? Cause she wouldn’t put out?”

No, man. Because you need a woman who stimulates your brain, not just your ‘nads.”

Well, not getting much of that either, thanks for pointing it out. I feel so much better.”

Oh, stop.”

For a psychologist, you’re completely oblivious.”

I see a lot more than you give me credit for.” Boyd folded massive arms across his broad chest. “For example….” He pressed his lips together, gazing intently at his friend. “You missed a spot right there.” He poked Quaid in the neck, just over his Adam’s apple.

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