Truth, As Strange As Fiction: Truth, what is it?

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fightingTruth, what is it really?  I don’t know that we would know the truth about anything anymore.

In William Bradford’s journey (William Bradford* 1590 – 1657 passenger on the Mayflower in 1620) you would find that the two groups, pilgrims and the Indians had a mutual friendship. The Indians did show them how to plant corn and after their second year pilgrims held a feast and invited their friends to it. The story that the Indian saved the pilgrims their first winter is not true, yet this has made it into the history books and is told to our children as truth.

If the movie A Few Good Men were done today, Jack Nickolson could easily say, You wouldn’t know the truth! instead of You can’t handled the it.

Whatever the truth was in the past today has become anything anyone says almost literally.

 Once there were rumors…

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